Dietary Benefits of Salt

Dr. Joel Wallach breaks down the importance of salt and why the daily allowance according to FDA standards is too low. 2500 mg per day, that approximately 1 to 1.25 teaspoon(s).  Just our daily perspiration will eliminate that minimum amount. Salt is needed just so the body functions properly.  Pure salt has electrolytes to carry electricity and recharge our body, whereas sugar gives you a quick fix and then the body becomes tired.  Pure salt has minerals that are also needed to replenish the body. By taking the daily minimum, unless a person supplements, mineral deficiency is almost certain.   This video explains the importance of salt, but you also have to consume a pure salt, that does not contain additives, bleaches and is not stripped of its minerals. 

Will the salt provide electricity to fuel the water and light? Why is salt needed? How does electricity tie in with our bodies? Drinking one salt brine (sole) a day will give you the energy a person needs. That is approximately 580 to 600 mg. Testing shows salt is needed, we carry over 70% salt water in our bodies., More importantly, what kind of salt are you using? The salt has to be pure, unprocessed and carry the traces of minerals our bodies require, along with electrolytes that work like spark plugs in our bodies. Like raw vegetables and fruits, it has to be alive, it cannot be heated up over 1200 degrees and have anti-caking agents added to fool the appearance and texture along with sugar in most cases to stabilize. Salt has to have natural minerals like Iodine, not synthetically added. Our Salt is less expensive for 1 lb. than a cup of coffee at starbucks, what do you think is worth more?

The Salt Deception


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