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What is Colloidal Silver
True “colloidal” silver is a concentration of nano-sized particles of silver suspended in a liquid while true “ionic” silver is a concentration of silver ions
suspended in a liquid.

Colloidal Silver Common Uses:

MRSA infections, herpes infections, sore throats, eye infections, prostate infections, skin cancer, Candida yeast infections, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Also, Infected cuts and burns, Poison Ivy, Swine Flu, sinus infections, infected boils, earaches, pet infections, viral infections, upper respiratory infections, low energy levels, diarrhea, allergies, infected abscesses, gum disease, tinnitus, arthritis, Pink Eye, facial rash…Infected teeth and root canals, colitis, mononucleosis, toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, bad breath, body odors, so-called “incurable” cancers such as renal carcinoma and others, urinary tract infections, catheter and Indiana Pouch infections.  Lastly, Canker sores, insomnia, depression, dandruff, psoriasis, infectious peritonitis, antibiotic-resistant pneumonia and much more.

History of Silver:

Source, Wikipedia:

Silver ions and silver compounds show a toxic effect on bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi, typical for heavy metals like lead or mercury, but without the high toxicity to humans normally associated with these other metals.

Still to this day, hospitals use silver utensils and bandades that contain colloidal silver used on serious burns.  This alone should prove how effective silver is.  It is another reason why many regulators want to remove this from the local market, ebay for one has already banned it altogether in the U.S.A. and Europe. Young kids used to use silver pacifiers, since silver kills the bacteria, it only made more sense, instead of using the plastic ones today that accumulate bacteria instead of eliminating them.  A silver coin used to be put in milk to prolong its shelf life.
Many ships that made it to America back prior to and during Columbus’s voayge used silver as an anti-bacterial agent to in order to keep the foods fresh. Many folks to this day use pure silver flatware mainly sterling silver, made up of 92% percent silver and rest usually in copper, only because 99.99% percent would be too soft in material and bend easily.  The reason for the usage was not for it elegance, but to kill any bacteria in the food that was being eaten with the particular utensil being used.
Hippocrates, the “father of medicine” wrote that silver had beneficial healing and anti-disease properties, and the Phoenicians stored water, wine, and vinegar in silver bottles to prevent spoiling. In the early 20th century, people would put silver coins in milk bottles to prolong the milk’s freshness. Its germicidal effects increased its value in utensils and as jewelry. The exact process of silver’s germicidal effect is still not entirely understood, although theories exist. One of these is the oligodynamic effect.
Silver is widely used in topical gels and impregnated into bandages because of its wide-spectrum anti-microbial activity. The anti-microbial properties of silver stem from the chemical properties of its ionized form, Ag+. This ion forms strong molecular bonds with other substances used by bacteria to respire, such as molecules containing sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen. When the Ag+ ion forms a complex with these molecules, they are rendered unusable by the bacteria, depriving them of necessary compounds and eventually leading to their death.

Silver compounds were used to prevent infection in World War I before the advent of antibiotics. Silver nitrate solution use continued, then was largely replaced by silver sulfadiazine cream, which generally became the “standard of care” for the antibacterial and antibiotic treatment of serious burns until the late 1990s. Now, other options, such as silver-coated dressings (activated silver dressings), are used in addition to SSD cream.

How does Silver Work:

It is commonly believed that a bacterial agent – in the presence of nano-sized silver particles and ions – will become suffocated through a chemical process called “Catalytic Oxidation”.
Other research shows that ionic silver can rob electrons from proteins and/or enzymes that a virus needs to survive and the same result is achieved indirectly by disabling these associated components required for the survival of a virus.
Ionic silver has been shown to regenerate cells that have been destroyed by disease or physical damage. Silver-infused bandages are commonly used in hospitals and burn wards to protect against infection and to greatly reduce tissue scarring.

Our professional line of colloidal/ionic silver solutions cover the full spectrum of ion-to-particle ratios and are based on no false science as most silver solution producers suggest otherwise. There are many companies that claim patents yet these are patents on their specific “process” for producing their silver solution which creates nothing more than silver ions, silver metallic nano-particles and silver oxide variants (the same solution produced from a quality colloidal silver generator.) The same manufacturers also disguise the taste of the solution with chemical additives and a very mild fragrance to provide a comforting placebo effect. Our silver is batched only and only with distilled water that we measure several times with the particles per million meter reading less than .01 for optimal performance. Anything above this level disqualifies the batch and we do not use it. Also, we do not add any salts to our batches, as others do this to increase the particles per million reading on the silver solutions, which in theory makes it dangerous, I will explain this a little bit later. Particles per million is not what makes a colloidal silver function, it is the nano sized particles, the smaller the silver solution the better. The particle (s) need to be smaller than the virus in order to be effective. A nano sized silver particle is inhaled or swallowed and gets inside our bloodstream followed by our lungs in order to attack the virus or bacteria. Colloidal silver is positively charged, which means your good bacteria, better known as the probiotic that we should intake, is not affected by this method.  We do not in any way advertise this product used for medicinal purpose (s) and our colloidal silver has not been approved by the FDA. We advertise our product as purely a dietary supplement. Please see the links below and educate yourself on the history and the use of silver before purchasing from us. We have been using colloidal silver for over 10 years for dietary purposes and recommend the product .

Silver taken at regular amounts, 2-3 teaspoons has been tested for hundreds of years and worst case you can do so up to 80 plus years.  Like any mineral, too much consumption can reverse the effect and make it uneffective and harmful in most cases.  Some people were known to drink a gallon of colloidal silver a day, which is a lot more than the normal requirement mentioned.  Also, many add salts or other agents, that disrupts the normal chemistry of the usual distilled water and pure 99.99 silver particles.  Salt in this case will increase the particles per million ten fold.  As mentioned, it is not the ppm in your solution, it is the nano size particles, meaning they should only be seen under a microscopic magnifier in order to see them, otherwise a smaller bacteria will not let the particle inside of it, resulting in continued illness.   Other condition that has proven to develop is called Argyria, in this case it was a man that turned blue like a smurf.  He drank a gallon a day for years, put salt in his batches and had a home made generator, which is usually a disaster to any recipe.  Silver has been made for years, but certain protocols need to be followed.  The FDA had a field day with this and made an example of Paul.  This case is one out of a billion or less.  Any good thing can be put to bed with one slip up, whether it was done wrong, like Paul had done from day one.  Please consult a medical practicioner and do your own research, before you try Colloidal Silver.  In the 14 years i have used it, I had not had any reactions, or conditions from it.

My statement (s) have not been approved by the FDA or have been evaluated.  It is simply my opinion based on my facts.  

Please consult your physician on using Colloidal Silver as a Dietary Supplement.