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Are you searching for an effective deodorant, but without the chemicals that make us sick or will make us sick in the future?  Have you used other natural based deodorants, but the effectiveness did not cut it or was too expensive?   Look no further. Divas Masas is partnering up with Silver Botanicals. I have tried the deodorant out myself and have loved it. As some of you know, i formulate our cosmetics, but when it comes to deodorants, these guys excel in the field, doing testing up to three years of shelf life for any microbial bacteria, along with its effectiveness, so they take their job very serious.  The product works and we will offer refillable(s) to make the product cost effective and product effective.  We will start carrying their products shortly and will offer samples to try out.  thank you Matt

About their Ingredients:

Silver Botanicals products contain safe and natural ingredients. We do not use petrochemical ingredients, GMO ingredients, synthetic ingredients or known-harmful substances. We also verify, by in-house testing, that all our ingredients are free of nuclear radiation contamination (i.e. free of elements that radiate aberrant levels of alpha, beta or gamma particles). We only use high quality, food grade ingredients. We do not conduct animal testing, or outsource any such tests; our products are cruelty-free

Silver Shield Deodorant is an extremely effective, all-day-long protection, underarm deodorant. It has even been shown to last multiple days when skipping showers.
Excellent Deodorizing Ability

Silver Shield Deodorant is highly effective at eliminating underarm odor–knocking it out on contact. It keeps you odor free, even under high stress and physical exertion.


Silver Shield Deodorant was formulated from the very beginning with the goal of being non-toxic. It is made up of high quality, all-natural, food-grade ingredients. It is neither harmful to your body, or the environment.

Great Moisture Control

Silver Shield provides a mild antiperspirant effect without blocking your sweat glands and pores. Silver Shield uses a special blend of essential oils to help reduce perspiration. It also lays down a satin-like matrix that absorbs moisture, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable.

Fresh, Natural Scent

The scents of all Silver Shield Deodorant formulas (Original, Sensitive Skin & Floral Scent Sensitive Skin) were developed to provide a fragrance agreeable to both men and women. Silver Shield’s scent does not linger, as it’s not a perfume, nor does it contain any synthetic “fragrances.”


Silver Shield Deodorant is non-irritating to most skin types. For those individuals with skin sensitivities we have developed two sensitive skin versions of our deodorant: Sensitive Skin & Floral Scent Sensitive Skin. Both are milder versions of our Original formula.

Great Economy

Despite Silver Shield’s higher price, compared to conventional supermarket brands, it offers great economy! A single 2oz bottle of Silver Shield Deodorant Roll-on typically offers better than 2 months of use. Furthermore, Silver Shield Deodorant is refillable making for even greater savings and economy.


Don’t throw away that bottle! Silver Shield Deodorants are refillable! We currently offer 2X Refills in the formula of your choice, which will refill your 2oz Silver Shield Deodorant bottle (Roll-on, or Spray-on) twice. In the future we plan to offer more refill options for even greater savings and economy.