Stevia leaves contain 100 vital nutrients, and can a have taste profile 30 times sweeter than sugar. Published science documents indicate that various stevia glycosides extracted from the leaves can be 50 to 400 times sweeter than sugar, depending on the glycosides and the manner of extraction. A stevia leaf placed in the mouth is sweet and delicious, and added to various herbal beverages and teas, gives them a wonderfully sweet flavor as well as possessing significant value for improving health and healing the body due to its unique nutrient content. Stevia can be ingested in numerous forms. Dry leaves can be eaten or crumbled and sprinkled onto foods just as you would use any spice or seasoning. You can add ground stevia leaves to salads, soups, sweet and sour sauces, stews, beans, chili, pizza, applesauce, hot cereals, baked or mashed potatoes. The uses for ground stevia leaves are as varied as your imagination. They add sweetness and zest to any food. Leaves can also be cooked in water, creating a dark, strong tasting stevia concentrate that is extraordinarily nutritious and wonderfully healing to the body, both internally and to the skin. There are also several tabletop sweeteners available in the marketplace, both dry powder and liquid, which incorporate one or more of the stevia glycosides as an ingredient. These tabletop sweeteners no longer contain the wealth of nutrients that reside naturally in the leaves.

(We are only currently selling the liquid extract form) If you are requesting leaves or powder form for baking, please let us know, by emailing

The following recipes are some of our personal recipes and other users recommendations.  Certain desserts cannot be created without using sugar.  We want to encourage you to use stevia as much as possible. When sugar is needed to beat egg whites or whether the item has a unique taste, simply use the sugar for that sole purpose, stevia can be added to add to sweetness and also reduce your overall sugar intake per serving.  Stevia is known not to spike or drive your insulin up, but it also does not contain calories, since it is a herbaceous perennial shrub.




1 glass of water (filtered preferred),

1 tblsp squeeze lemon juice

1 tblsp organic apple cider vinegar with the mother (this is optional)

2-4 drops of our liquid stevia, (drops depend on your sweet taste) try one drop at a time.  you can easily over do it.

optional: sprinkle in small amounts of himalayan salt, which balances the drink and also provide 84 traces if minerals and give us electrolytes.  With the salt this can be replaced by many sports drinks, but in a pure way without artificial sweetners and coloring agents, that affect your liver.


1 glass of coffee or tea.  2-4 drops of our liquid stevia (use drops one by one, not to oversweet your drink.


This can be achieved by mixing by hand or using a blender.  Our recipe will use a blender approach in this case.

1 glass of sour milk or probiotic kefir, preferred unpasteurized and not homogenized in order to have the good bacteria our bodies require.

Fruits of choice, amount is your preference here:  any berry that is in season,

fall and winter:  5-6 organic cranberries, a dash of cinnamon, fresh mint if available, a twist of lemon and 5-6 drops of our liquid stevia, (or your taste).

spring and summer:  all sorts of berries are in season, including fresh mint.  We use berries simply, because they contain the lowest amount of fructose, afterall it is still sugar.  berries and fresh mint, even cilantro can be added, gives you the anti-oxidants that we need, which fight the free radicals.

Camu berry and Acai, occasionally Elderberry powder also is added (optional)


Mojito drink served with stevia besides brown sugar, delicious…