Refined vs Unrefined


To extract shea butter from the nut and keep it in an  unrefined state, you can use a hand method or expeller method. Both methods will  keep all the vitamins, minerals and other properties of the shea butter  intact.
Refined shea butter is processed by using chemicals. The chemical  hexane is often used to dissolve the shea nut in order to get at the shea  butter. During the refining process, shea butter loses many of its vitamins and  minerals.

Also note that the unrefined should have a much darker color.  Processed shea butter looses its natural smell and it’s color.  This is one butter you need to have unrefined.  The unprocessed product and nutrients are worth it alone to pay extra for a unrefined.  You will save in health care bills or a visit to a dermatologist.   

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